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Chaplain's Corner

Eddie Sumbler
Phone: (931) 216-7504

Sick or hospitalized? Call Chaplain Sumbler to be placed on the prayer list.

We wish all of our sick a speedy and full recovery.



Happy New Year FTCKY MOAA Membership. On behalf of the MOAA Chaplain, I wish to enlist your support in prayer for All of the Good Goals; Needs and Plans for the FTCKY MOAA Chapter in 2018. I emplore you to look around each day and see where you can be a lift to someone's day.

Keep our MOAA Chapter's New Administration of Officers for 2018 in prayer as they will all need our prayers and support for the good of our organization. Last but not the least of well wishes for the New Year, please try your best to care about one another by praying and requesting Prayer for our Sick and Shut-in MOAA Members. And always seek to be kind one to another and encourage others to Join MOAA.

Cordially Yours,

Eddie Sumbler
Chaplain, FTCKY MOAA

I am doing a Weekly Worship Hour from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm each Thursday Night at the Tennessee State Veterans' Home in Clarksville. Everyone is invited to come. The attendance to date is averaging from 1 to 4 attendees. If anyone would like to volunteer who can play the piano or another type of instrument please contact me. My phone # is (931) 920 6673, or (931) 216 7504.

A) Let each us task ourselves to become more in Commitment, Faith in God and Prayer in 2017.
B) Our MOAA Chapter is Sadden by the death of COL (ret) Ted Crozier. Let's keep in prayer for All of our hurting family members, ongoing.
C) Had a good visit with Maj (ret) Eddie Wilson and Wife last night at Tennova Hospital. Keep them in Prayer.
D) I have started a Thursday Night Chapel Hour at the TN Vet Home, it is held in the Activities Room 6:45pm til 7:30pm. Come Join Us.
E) In the span of a day remember, it never is too early or too late to give me a call if you are hurting and suffering a need for prayer. (931) 920-6673 or 216 7504. Thanks and God Keep You.
F) I did pay a visit with Mrs Crozier on Monday Night around 7:30pm, and will continue keep her and family in prayer.

     I just want to inform those, who are our ailing members, that the prayer list of names is prayed  over with a deep faith in Our Awesome God, through Jesus Christ our Living Lord.

     And, let all of us just simply join our Christian faith together in One Accord for the Healing Helping Hand of our Savior and Lord to touch ALL the ailing and sick, in the place where there is need. I say to one and I say to All, do not be ashamed to ask for prayer. Of course, to suffer in silence is your choice but to have others praying for you, boldly, and with confidence and faith in God is a source of power and strength. However, You! must also believe in the power of prayer, by faith in Jesus Christ.   

   I conduct a weekly, Tuesday-night Ministry and Worship Hour with the residents of the Grace Health Care Facility on Ussery Street off Memorial. If anyone has a relative or friend in the Facility and would like them to attend the Services, just contact the Facility Staff to have the individual brought to the Cafeteria Area where the Services are held. Or if you would like for me to stop by the room and say hello, please supply me with the appropriate Name, Room, etc.

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