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Chapter Scholarship Program

The Fort Campbell Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America has to date endowed two National MOAA Scholarships: the Warren and Nancy Evans Scholarship and the COL Ted A. Crozier, Sr. Scholarship. And two additional National MOAA Scholarships have been endowed by individual Chapter members. Information about National MOAA scholarship Program may be obtained by visiting the National MOAA web site at http://www.moaa.org/Content/About-MOAA/Scholarship-Fund/Scholarship-Fund.aspx


In addition, the Chapter annually presents a number of local scholarships to JROTC students in our area. Best qualified students from area high schools will be awarded the scholarship to a college of his/her choice. This scholarship is a one-time award; it cannot be renewed.

Minimum factors for the award of the scholarship will be:

  1. Must be a JROTC student who has been accepted to a 4-year college or university,

  2. Must have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 system,

  3. Must be recommended for the award by a faculty member (one page letter),

  4. Must be recommended by the Senior JROTC Instructor,

  5. Must complete the application form .

Other criteria, as evaluated by the Scholarship Committee, will be used to determine the final selection. One factor given strong consideration is the intent to pursue a commission in the military.

The application period opens at the end of each January. Notification is sent to all area JROTC units in the area along with applications. Completed applications with all supporting documentation (paper or electronic files) must be submitted to the Scholarship Selection Committee by 1 March. Selectees will be invited to a membership meeting in April/May for recognition and presentation.

The Chair of the Scholarship Committee is

COL (Ret) Jeff Yaeger



Please feel free to call or email any questions.

     Note: to use the electronic Application Form, you must have Adobe Reader (or an equivalent .pdf reader) installed on your computer. For best results use  Adobe Reader version XI or later. Earlier versions will not allow you to save or email the completed form; only print it for mailing. The current version of the form is dated 10 January 2014. If you haven't cleared your browser cache recently, it is possible that an older, undated version might appear when you click the link below. If so, be sure to refresh the page, which should bring up the correct version.